ESRI - How to bypass the ArcGIS Online login screen

06-24-2022 10:44 AM
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We presently host all our client maps on the ArcGIS Online Portal (made by ESRI). However, whenever I go to the portal on my mobile device (picture attached below), I am prompted with a login/password. I need to bypass this login/password and have users directly be authenticated.

I have done some digging and found this link from ESRI on security and authentication in ArcGIS Online:

Based on this link, my immediate thought was to leverage API keys, which are very handy, but it seems they cannot be used to access secured or private data at the moment. This feature is in beta, and when released, will be transaction-based. Note the FAQ on this: 'You cannot host your private data in ArcGIS Platform and use it in your solution. This feature is currently in beta. While you’re unable to commercially release this capability at this time, you can develop and test against it. Once the private data feature is released, we will provide a transaction-based business model.'

The application credentials approach (AppId/AppSecret) also cannot access secured or private data, it exists only to authenticate applications on your behalf to access ready-to-use premium services (routing, geolocating, etc).

So, it seems I am stuck, but I refuse to give up. Has ANYONE ELSE had this issue and found a way to bypass this login screen? I'd greatly welcome any help.


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