Display attributes of another layer in popup using Arcade

10-01-2023 10:19 PM
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Hi, I'm brand new to Arcade and need help. I want to use Arcade to display the attributes of one layer in the popup of another layer. The two layers have a name field in common. I tried following the steps outlined in this tutorial, which results in the following code:

var MPAname = $feature.NAME
var MPAGenFset = FeatureSetByName($map, "MPA_CA_History_Old", ['Establishe', 'study_regi', 'Label'], false) 
var filteredMPAFset = Filter(MPAGenFset, 'Label = @MPAname')
var filteredMPA = First(filteredMPAFset)
return filteredMPAFset


The first two lines work as expected; the second line returns the table of the other layer with just the columns I specified. The third line of code returns a table with only the header bar (column names) filled in. I'm not sure what the error in this line is -- please help!

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