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Dashboard select only one feature

06-11-2024 03:21 PM
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Hi, I have a dashboard where users select a polygon and a line graph of the data contained in that polygon is displayed.  The problem is that more than one polygon can be selected, which frequently happens at small scales. This leads to confusion as to which polygon is represented in the line graph data. Polygons are non-overlapping. How can I set up my dashboard (or the map behind it) such that one and only one feature can be selected?  There are options in actions for multiple selections (which I do not have activated), so I suppose one is needed that specifies only one feature can be selected.  Any help/ideas appreciated!



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Are the users selecting a polygon by clicking in the map? If so, I do not think there is a select one option available. You can configure the tool to use only the circle selection tool but this is no guarantee that the user will select only one polygon.


If you want to make sure that only one polygon is selected you need to configure the dashboard so that polygons are selected using a category selector based on name of the polygon or something similar.

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Thanks for the response, currently I don't have any of the 'Additional selection tools' activated as it seems they are for selecting multiple features. So the selector is the default point selector. Its really an issue when zoomed out as the selection tolerance of the cursor is such that multiple polys are selected. At larger scales, if the selection is made close to a polygon boundary, then both polys are selected. So I looked for some sort of tolerance setting but did not find one.