Control sync of features and attachments from web map at feature layer level?

04-12-2024 11:09 AM
New Contributor II

I have a web map that is used for offline data collection in Field Maps by multiple staff. It has 3 editable layers (all hosted feature layers) and a bunch of other non-editable feature layers for reference. 

In Fields Maps Designer I can control whether the mobile device is downloading and updating only the features, or features + attachments when users download offline areas and sync.

Is there any way to control this at the individual feature layer level? For those 3 editable layers we collect data in, I would like mobile devices to download/update features and attachments for only one of those layers, and download features only for the other two. I don't see any option to control this in the item settings for the individual hosted feature layers themselves, so assuming at this time it can only be set at the map level and has to be the same for all editable services in the map?



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