Classic Map Viewer with custom icons are not drawing in the existing (new) Map Viewer after the update.

03-01-2024 09:21 AM
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I noticed that Experience Builder and Dashboard products built on Classic Map Viewer with custom icons do not display any custom icons although data were included. It looks like the existing custom icons are not read by the New Map viewer after the recent update.

Here is my observation:

1. When I open the maps with the issue in Classic Map Viewer, all custom icons are loaded.

2. When I open the maps with the issue in the new Map Viewer, layers with custom icons are not loaded.

 2a. Other configurations seem to be there - e.g., pop-ups (I cannot click the icon though as it's invisible)

2b. I can open the table of the layer can see all the records are there.


This is how I could fix it:

1. Open the map using the new Map Viewer. Then add the layer again if the custom symbol has been set up in the Layer visualization. => This was not the best as I may need to configure everything again. Especially if they are connected with widgets in Dashboard or ExB.

==> I found this funny because all custom icons could be displayed with no issue when it's newly added.


2. Open the map using the new Map Viewer, then reset the layer style and apply custom icon directly in the new Map Viewer.==> This was a better way as I don't need to reconfigure other details.


The problem is that there are many products like this. I used classic map viewers lots to deal with the custom symbols while the new map viewer was fairly new. It seems it will be a lot of work for me to track and update symbols for each map affected.

Is there any magic that we can fix this problem?

Thank you.





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Can you share the web map and I can take a look?


In the case for newer apps not showing MVC custom symbols its been an issue with the image hosting server not being configured correctly. If you have experience with developer console in Chrome if you open the web map in Map Viewer do you see any CORS errors?

Map Viewer supports uploading images (PNG, JPEG, SVG and GIF) and not relying on a hosting server for styling your features these symbols. You can also use web styles to publish symbol galleries and not rely on a hosting server which can be added at the org level and now at the Map Viewer level. 

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