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Can't Update Table (Hosted) - "There was an error."

a month ago
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Hello -

I have a table (in content it is category "Table (hosted)" that is based on an Excel file that is also uploaded to my content. 

I have been updating the data on the Table (hosted) by accessing it in my Content, and from its item page I could select "Update Data" from the options.. then from the wizard I navigate to the Excel on my machine, match up the fields, etc. But now the "Update Data" option (and others) don't appear and I receive two very vague popups that say:

"There was an error." 


"There was an error publishing the service."

I desperately do not want to have to re-upload the file because within an experience app I have it as a data source that is connected to many fields. I have had to re-upload it once before and when I do, Experience Builder treats it as a new entity and I need to redo ALL dynamic text connections. There are too many to redo that now - I need to just be able to refresh the existing Table (hosted) item with updated data.

This is the item (let me know if I'm not sharing it correctly):

Table (hosted): (it won't allow me to share with the short url..)

Excel Table -

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