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Can't get data back to property owner - stuck on subdivision

a month ago
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Hope someone can help. County is clueless who supports their system. Not sure I have the right place to ask, but here it goes.

I was using the ArtGIS System powered by escri, entering addresses and the owner information would display below the map. In the case of a condominium, using the condo building address would produce a list of owners, one line per unit. I then exported to csv file.

Fast forward a couple days. I am playing around and check the "Subdivision" filter. Now, it shows me a list of subdivisions within the map area. Fine. 

I am trying to get back to finding out property owner information. I have turned off all layers, turned back all but the subdivision - yet "subdivision" is still the info on the detail tab/below the map. I deleted cookies - no luck. I switched over to Chrome Incognito. Still suck on subdivision.

Any ideas how to get back to Owners? I know it worked, as I have multiple spreadsheets created from the csv downloads. Ugg - am I crazy?


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Shot will all Subdivision unchecked. GIS2.jpg

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