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Can't edit domain list in Field Maps Designer after moving feature service and map to new account

05-15-2024 03:06 PM
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I used ArcGIS Online Assistant to copy a feature service, map, and form to another account that I own in a different organization.  I used the find/replace function in ArcGIS Online Assistant to update the map's service URLs to match the moved feature service URL, and the map and form work as expected.  All good, so far.

However, I am unable to update domains using Field Maps Designer using a CSV file, as I was able to do in the originating account.  The Edit List link is disabled with this message (below).  Also see the attached image.

"Lists cannot be edited within layers you don’t have privileges to update or that aren’t hosted."

But, I own the account, have enabled editing in the feature service, it is a hosted service, and have added features from a Field Maps I'm not sure I'm unable to update the domains

What am I missing?  Insights will be much appreciated.

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HA!  It turns out that you not only have to update the url of each of the map's feature layers to match the moved feature service url, but you also have to update each of the map's unitId values to match the feature service id value.  See the attached image.

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