Can intersect be used within one service (in a web map) or do the endpoints have to be added individually?

09-16-2021 11:35 AM
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Is it possible to set up an Arcade expression with the intersect function that references another layer within the same service as the features in which the expression is applied?  Or, do you have to add each endpoint within the service individually in order to make the expression work?

For example, I have a service with three layers: address points, food inspector zones, and watershed inspector zones.  If I add each of the endpoints individually, the following expression (in the address points) returns the desired value (from the food inspector zone layer):


However, if I add the whole service to my map and set up the same expression on the address points there it does NOT work.  I get this error:


Does it simply not work within a service?  Or do I have a wrong parameter?


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