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bulk geocode service

3 weeks ago
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I have to geocode about 500k addresses (all in AZ USA).

That should be around 20k credits.  Which is about $2400 worth of credits.

I thought there used to be an ESRI "bulk geocoding" service that was cheaper or something?

Is there a cheaper way to do this? That's a year's worth of AGOL subscription in credits alone...there must be a cheaper way?

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There is a free Census based geocode service, but it would need to be broken up into batches (Not sure it is worth it with that many records)

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Oh yeah? What's the URL?

Must be this one?

Thanks!  Makes me think googling around a bit might turn something up...

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I have used the Google Reverse Geocode API with success.  You would use the Google Geocode API. Google has  tool to estimate your costs.  I I built a Excel Workbook template with a starter cell of some xml conversion language that includes the google api. I drop a table of coordinates from Pro to the workbook which auto converts the data.  Works well.  Let me know if you want the step by step youtube tutorial I followed.  


Also, you might try getting some quotes from vendors/ list aggregator type companies. 

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Thanks.  I checked the costs, and they're basically the same as ESRI, but with more data prep.

I'm a bit shocked there wasn't a cheaper solution anywhere that was attractive.

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