Best way to create a sync between AGOL ArcGIS Portal Hosted feature service and SDE

02-04-2023 05:49 AM
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Hello everyone,

I need to create a web application to edit points, lines and polygons in ArcGIS Portal or AGOL.
Layers are located in SDE and users are going to use this web application for editing purposes, to digitize points, lines and polygons.

I am currently looking for options and I would like to know what solution do you recommend for editable layers:
- Feature hosted layers
- Feature layers linked to SDE

For Feature hosted layers.
How do I synchronize the Feature Hosted layer with SDE?

For Feature layers linked to SDE.

We work on a versioned SDE database.I haven't seen any sample in Web Application Builder or Experience Builder that shows how to create a version, edit the version and then post and reconcile.

Is there a way to create a version when the editor open the web application? Or does the Feature layer get created always pointing to the same version in SDE?

Do you recommend Web Application Builder or Experience Builder?

Thank you

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Hey @JoseSanchez 


Regarding your first question of synchronizing hosted feature layer with SDE, here I am assuming you have published a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online and I just wanted to let you know that you won't be able to synchronize any hosted feature service published to ArcGIS Online as when we are publishing anything to ArcGIS Online the data gets copied over to ESRI's database. 

Additionally, regarding the second question of feature layers linked to SDE since you are working with a versioned database I believe you might have to register each version separately with ArcGIS Enterprise

Here are some links that might help: 

Hope this helps. 



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Thank you for your answer @wizgis 

We are currently synchronizing  published hosted feature services in AGOL or ArcGIS Portal via Python scripts that copy the whole  published hosted feature service to the same FC in SDE or partially just copying the changes done during the day. But I was wondering if there is any tool in Esri that allows to replicate changes from a hosted feature class to its equivalent in SDE?


Regarding the second question, I would like to know what is the best practice to work with a layer that is versioned on SDE and that is going to be edited on the web (WAB or EB)?

 - create and register a version of the database called 'WebEdits" and associate it by default to the web application (WAB or EB), then a version administrator will post/reconcile edits from version "WebEdits" to default, in order to make them available to everyone. 

- Other options I do not know






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