Assigning values to zipcodes only

01-26-2023 07:35 AM
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Hey there,

I am using ArcGis (agol) and am trying to color code zipcodes with a single value or statistic. I am having trouble applying the table data to the map. For example, Zipcode 12345 has a total of 100 sales, and zipcode 54321 has a total of 8000 sales. I want to apply the number of sales to each zipcode and then color coordinate.

Is this possible? I was told to figure this out without using credits. 

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, it's definitely possible! Assigning symbology (color coordinating) based on a numeric attribute does not consume credits. It sounds like your sales data is separate from the ZIP areas, though? If so, performing an attribute-based join between the two layers would cost credits, and would be dependent on how many features are involved. But I wouldn't expect it to cost much. The analysis tools in AGOL should be able to give you an estimate before running it.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hey Josh,

Yes, for data points we just have the zip code only, there is a base map I am not able to alter or add data to unfortunately so I have to combine two layers. Is it possible to manually create a layer with everything by creating polygon shapes? For example:



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