Assign direction & almost infinite zoom, Pro to Online

03-23-2023 10:37 AM
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Hello, everyone!

I have been sharing layers from Pro to Online to develop a map. I have a 'sewer line' layer which shows flow direction. The issue is, the lines were drawn in with the line symbol and there is no direction attribute or field dictating direction. When I take this layer from Pro to Online, the lines shrink and will shrink almost infinitely if I zoom. If I could change the infinite zoom, then I could see my triangles that indicate direction. But if not, I will have to alter the layer completely in AGOL or Pro (probably Pro). If that is the case, how can I indicate flow without completely redoing every sewer line? I will attach examples from both Pro and Online for reference. 

I have tried to go in Pro, Symbology, Format symbol, layers and trying to assign something to an attribute, but no luck yet. 

If anyone can tell me how to change the almost infinite zoom?! It is very frustrating. 

-Using Map Viewer Classic

-Using ArcGIS Pro 3.1




Sewer Example AGOL.PNG

Sewer Example ArcGIS Pro.PNG

Sewer example.PNG

Pro ex.PNG


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Can you share the map and layers and I can take a look if there is something causing that issue?

How come you are using Map Viewer Classic instead of Map Viewer? 

Map Viewer also has a larger Line with arrows symbol category if you wanted to make any web based authoring. 



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Oh jeez my bad, I am using Map Viewer, not the classic. When I first add the layer it shows my symbology from Pro but it doesn't let me change it. I can change it once I pick a new field.  I messaged you with link to map.

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