Are map links available in Map Viewer like in "Classic Map Viewer"?

02-29-2024 08:02 AM
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I'm still using "Map Viewer Classic" in ArcGIS Online instead of the new "Map Viewer". One feature I have been unable to find in the new "Map Viewer" is the ability to share a link of the map with people in and out of my organization (e.g. everybody). When I email the link to folks them can simply click on the url link and go directly to the map, click on markers for more detail and/or change the style (say from a symbol map to a heat map) - they can't save changes or mess up the original map. Within "Map Viewer Classic" I simply click on the Share button, select "Everyone (public)" and then a url shows up in the "Link to this map" box, which I can then copy/paste and email to folks. When I click on the "Share map" icon while in "Map Viewer" I can select "Everyone (public)", but there isn't a url address/link provided. Is a url link not available in the new "Map Viewer" or do I need to do something different to obtain the url address/link for the map I want to share publicly?

Thanks for any insight!

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That link is just the URL to the webmap itself, with an extent parameter set. The same parameter actually works in the new map viewer, but it would be good if the current bounding box of the map could be added to the URL for you.

I would suggest adding this to the AGOL Ideas board.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Most of that was Greek to me as I'm a novice ArcGIS Online user 🙂 In layman's terms are you saying that the url links are NOT available in the new Map Viewer...(which is what I'm experiencing). Or, if the url links are available in the new Map Viewer, where can I find them?

Ultimately, I'm continuing to use the Map Viewer Classic since it's so easy, but I have a feeling it will go away and I'll need to know how to get the same functionality from the new Map Viewer and the sharing of url links seems to be one function I can't find in the new Map Viewer.


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In Map Viewer there currently isn't a shortcut link. But you can grab the URL you see at top and share it with others like this:

You'll need to share it appropriately for your audience and if public and there is subscriber content in your map then viewers will be prompted to authenticate.

A better way to share a map is to use Instant Apps like Basic or Media to make a simple app. That will also handle any subscriber content. Those apps offer share tools which are configurable



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Hi @TraceyFinnegan-Wiese

In case that is still Greek to you....with your map open, you can copy the text here: 


then paste that as the link to the map. 

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Thank you all!!

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