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ArcGIS Online webmap doesn't show offline options in settings tab

4 weeks ago
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I am trying to make an offline webmap with a joined view layer which can be used in the Field Maps app. The joined view's original layer already has syncing enabled. However, the offline options don't show in the settings tab of the webmap:

Screenshot 2024-06-19 134830.png

 This has been done before with web maps that were created in the same portal and also with joined view layers. I expected to see this:

Screenshot 2024-06-19 135123.png

 Does anyone know what is missing to allow offline usage for the webmap? 

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Thanks, @doketwaj  - yes, I do have a developer account linked to the account used for doing this. Is that a requirement for taking maps offline?

There is no option for enabling / disabling address search within the map settings. The only options that I have are the following:





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The only way I've ever created an offline map for Field Maps was using the Field Maps Developer, not from the web map's details page.
See this page under the header, "configure the map to work offline."

Or this document for a more detailed walk-through.

Hope that helps.

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