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ArcGIS online tif map upload

06-20-2024 06:40 PM
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I have a question about map display in ArcGIS online. Picture 1 as attached is what I want to achieve and Picture 2 as attached is what I currently got.(They are different maps. I just use them as example.)
The thing is that I got a black background for the parts that not filled by a square.
The map tif file I displayed in ArcGIS online is what I exported after I did georeference in ArcGIS Pro. Then when I upload it toArcGIS online, it always has this black background. Picture 3 is the screenshot when I opened the tif file in windowns.
Is there something wrong in the ArcGIS pro exporting process, or in the ArcGIS online process?
I appreciate your help!
Picture 1.pngPicture 2.pngPicture 3.png
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