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03-24-2023 06:36 AM
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I’m fairly new to arcgis online. I have an account through my institution, and I’ve found a particular dataset that I’m interested in using for analysis on the arcgis REST server linked in the post.

My goal is to get the raw data for this map and upload it to my local arcmap session. I can upload is as a layer through an online connection but can’t use any commands on it. I can also view it on the arcgis online viewer, but it won’t let me download it.

My question is: is anyone familiar with the workflow needed to get the raw data as a shapefile, raster, or JSON file that I can save to my machine and upload to a local arcmap session?

Do I need to set up a python script or use QGIS to do this?


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Error while exporting the map

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It depends on the layer. Data owners are able to specify if users can export specific layers from ArcGIS Online.

If you do not see an export option on the Item page then this will have been disabled. However, if you just need to add the layer to ArcMap then you can do this via File > Sign In then use your ArcGIS Online credentials. From here you can select ArcGIS Online and search for the item then add this.

If you do need a local copy of the data, then I would recommend contacting the organisation that owns the layer and request a downloadable copy.


Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions


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