ArcGIS Online New Map Viewer Speed vs Classic Viewer Speed

03-27-2023 12:04 PM
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Greetings - I have been migrating some miscellaneous things from the classic mapviewer/webappbuilder to the new mapviewer and experience builder.

I notice the new map viewer takes a performance hit as soon as you start adding more than 15-20 feature layers in one map. I can even have these layers all off by default and still experience issues panning around the basemap. Overall it's slow and laggy.


In Classic, I have some county-wide maps with 100+ layers and it handles it well. I really like what the new viewer provides in grouping layers, so I wish I could migrate these maps into the new viewer.

Anyone experience this and found a fix?

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I don't really see much difference between them when I open the same map with 31 layers in Classic vs beta viewer (most of my layers are Mapservices).  Edge seems to utilize my GPU, whereas Chrome doesn't, so get better performance with Edge than Chrome.

Now, if I load that same map into Experience builder rather than a Web App, will slow it waaaay down.



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Like @RhettZufelt , I see big differences between browsers when using the new Map Viewer. The new generation of tools doesn't perform nearly as well in Firefox as it does in any Chromium-based browser, like Chrome and Edge.

I do not, however, see much difference between the new and old map viewers for any given map. The new map viewer, though, does not have the same feature limit of the Classic. So if you have > 10k features in a layer, the map may appear to be taking longer to load, when it's actually loading more features than is possible in Classic.

Back when the new viewer first came out, though, I vaguely recall certain kinds of layers not performing as well. It's been a while since we made the switch, though.

Do you have any publicly available maps that show this difference? And are you on AGOL or Portal?

And personally, I don't see any difference with Experience Builder, either.

- Josh Carlson
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Wondering why the need for 100 layers?