ArcGIS Online- Manage Org Members- Groups- Bug?

08-19-2022 07:07 AM
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Hello ArcGIS Online Team, 

When trying to view my users' groups by clicking "view all", it takes me to a page where none of the groups shown are the user's groups and it appears I'm signed out. If I attempt to sign in, it just re-directs me to my AGOL preferred home page. 

Organization > Members> member's groups view all


next screen: 


Sign in> back to my personal content (agol configured landing page)


Please resolve, thanks. 

- Amanda Huber

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what happens if you click on My Organization's Groups?  Have you checked your Filter settings that appear on the left of the screen when you click on the Filter button in the top right?

Some preliminary thoughts.

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Hi Robert, 

I'm trying to view the individual member's groups, not the org groups overall. I should be able to view all groups that the selected member is a part of. 

The issue is in the second screenshot (not the filter one). 




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Hi Amanda,

I've been running into this same issue for months. What I've noticed is that it seems to happen if you've been logged in to AGO on the same browser window for a certain amount of time. If you log out first and sign-in again, the Groups 'View All' button should work again.

Hoping it will get fixed one day, but that's the workaround I've found for now.

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