ArcGIS Online Cannot Display Groups

11-26-2023 09:01 PM
Esri Contributor


Recently we migrated content, users and groups between 2 ArcGIS Online organizations using the ArcGIS Python API. The groups are cloned from the source organization to target using the clone command

However, upon testing, we found that if we want to view the cloned groups belong to some users, especially admins, the group page cannot be displayed properly. That is when we click the 3 dots next to the users under Organization -> Members.



When this issue occurs, Home, Gallery, Map, Organizations, etc. are all missing on the Groups page. And the page becomes unresponsive as well. 


If we inspect the page, an error message is also found: 'Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'isAdmin')'


Have anyone seem this issue before? Thanks for your help in advance!


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Isn't the clone command just for items? How did you copy the groups? Can you share the script?

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Esri Contributor

Yes, the  clone command is really simple.  Below is how we run it. Source and target being the GIS object of the two organizations. 


We also notice the clone command is not perfect. All shared update groups are cloned as normal groups and we have to delete them and manually recreate them as shared update groups. 

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