ArcGIS Online Account Converted to Developer Account With Feature Layers Previously Shared Publicly

02-26-2024 02:03 PM
New Contributor

Sometime between the November 2023 and March 2024, there were ArcGIS Developer changes to data hosting rules and my ArcGIS Online account was somehow converted to an ArcGIS Developer account.

In December 2023, some of my published hosted feature layers quit working and Esri Support informed me that my developer account was not set to "Pay-as-you-go" and I had exceed the free tier for data hosting on my Developer account. The only way to get my web apps working with some hosted feature layers was to enable pay-as-you-go billing on the Developer account I didn't even realize I had. I had always just assumed my one account that's tied to our Organization was just an ArcGIS Online Organizational account type as I had previously been able to publish feature layers and share them publicly.

Now in March 2024, Esri has once again made changes to ArcGIS Online that no long allow Developer accounts to share hosted layers publicly and now I have some feature layers that are still shared publicly but that option is now greyed out and for any new feature layers on ArcGIS Online, the option to share publicly is disabled (greyed out).

Is anyone else stuck like me with an ArcGIS Developer account that they were previously only using with ArcGIS Online Map Viewer, Web AppBuilder, and  Experience Builder to build preconfigured applications and not custom Developer apps? I am unable to share hosted data publicly due to my Developer account that's somehow not linked at all to the ArcGIS Online account of the same username that I've been using successfully for 7 years.

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