Arcade expressions for hyperlinked popup text do not honor native text formatting

a week ago
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I have columns in a feature layer, some of which are designated to operate as text in the features' popups, while others provide links to which those text items are hyperlinked. each popup item has 2 columns: text and links. The original text has formatting embedded in the feature layer and is displayed nicely when simply referenced in the text popup editor:


However, as described elsewhere, the use of the Arcade element allows for hyperlinking, which is what I want. The code below is working well and generating dynamic hyperlinks to the links stored in my attribute table. However, the nice formatting that was originally associated with the text is lost. Everything is cramped into one line and now looks like this:


I want a solution that both looks nice and links how I want. 

@KenBuja, you have had some excellent answers on other Arcade popup questions here. Any thoughts? Perhaps there is a `return{}` specification that can preserve the formatting I want to keep?



// Truncated version of full code. `json_labdict ` & `displayText` are not comprehensive for brevity.
var json_labdict = '{"stabilization_grants_summary_popup": "Stabilization Grants Summary", "State_and_Local_Fiscal_Recovery_Funds_popup": "Use of State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funding", "2021_state_legislation_popup": "State Legislative Highlights 2021"}'

var arcade_labdict = Dictionary(json_labdict)

var displayText = `

${when(IsEmpty($feature["stabilization_grants_summary_po"]), null, `<p><b>${arcade_labdict["stabilization_grants_summary_popup"]}</b>: <a href=${$feature["stabilization_grants_summary_li"]}>${$feature["stabilization_grants_summary_po"]}</a></p>`)}

${when(IsEmpty($feature["State_and_Local_Fiscal_Recovery"]), null, `<p><b>${arcade_labdict["State_and_Local_Fiscal_Recovery_Funds_popup"]}</b>: <a href=${$feature["State_and_Local_Fiscal_Recove_1"]}>${$feature["State_and_Local_Fiscal_Recovery"]}</a></p>`)}

${when(IsEmpty($feature["F2021_state_legislation_popup"]), null, `<p><b>${arcade_labdict["2021_state_legislation_popup"]}</b>: <a href=${$feature["F2021_state_legislation_link"]}>${$feature["F2021_state_legislation_popup"]}</a></p>`)}


return {

    type: 'text',

    text: displayText // this property supports html tags




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I don't see any way to do that within the Arcade element, since it strips out the formatting from your text. The only way I can come up with is to use the regular Text element for your text and add the Arcade element for the url. But you'd have to do that for each pair of fields. 

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