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02-01-2023 12:38 AM
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I want to create in ArcGIS Online (or Portal) and other AGOL resources (dashboards, survey, etc.) an application where people fill some forms and the result will be presented in a dashboard.

Looks easy, but I can't find the best solution to fill the forms. Survey123 is the obvious option but it will be too extensive and with different permitions for different groups of questions.
I can also use an app to filter the users according to the permissions and use a different survey for each one (on the other end, the files will be different which will limit the use of Actions in the dashboard.

Anyone have any idea for a best solution?

Thank you all in advance

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Please check if the followng workflow works for you?

1. Create a Survey App using Survey123 (FAQ: Is it possible to create conditional questions in Survey123 Web Designer? )

2. Using the Survey_Result Feature layer, create a Webmap and followed by a Dashboard application. The filters based on attribute values can also be handled in the Dashboard settings.

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Hi! Thanks for the reply.

That is the standard proceder which have two problems:

1- the survey results will be on feature layer and not on the Database 

2 - some questions of the survey must have different permissions for different users.

I would like to have a webapp, but can't find widgets to input data, some kind of text/numeric fields. The webapp does not need a mão.





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