Allow someone (not everyone) to download specific layers

03-01-2024 08:21 AM
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Our out-of-house engineers need access some of our layers, without having to go through me to get it. They need to be able to work with it on their end, without being able to edit what's on our end. And we don't want it to be publicly visible.

I tried making a view of the layers, and gave the URL to them. It gives them a connection error 499.

I have tried inviting them to a group but it doesn't allow me.


I am deciding if I need to make a login just for them under our organization.

What would be the simplest option?

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Are they part of another AGOL organization? To be added to a group in your Org, they need to have their accounts set as 'public' which can be a problem for some organizations. There are also settings that have to be set on either their user type or role that condition if they can be added to external groups so you may need to work with their Org administrator to get their accounts properly configured.

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He says it is a basic ArcGIS account, but he does say it is public. (edit: he is not within our organization)

I did find another post talking about using HUB. I will look into that more on Monday.

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