AGOL down?

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02-28-2017 10:29 AM
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Is AGOL down? Can not reach our enterprise AGOL site or our OpenData site.

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Thanks @David_Coley,

Some recovery can be seen right now, but please check for updates.

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Both our portal and Open Data are down as well.

The Developers site is down too.

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Hi Michael Miller‌ and Seth Lewis‌,

There is currently a service disruption with which affects many related sites. We are currently investigating the issue and working towards a resolution. Please check ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard  for updates.

We apologize for this disruption and are working to get everything up and running as soon as possible.


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Kyle M. Potts | GIS Technologist, Data, Analytics and Visualization Services Branch

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Hmmm related to current AWS situation...?

edit: yes, Esri just confirmed on Twitter.

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Nice to see Geonet still up and running thought! 

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MarketPlace down too 

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Our site with full local API continued to work ok.  Even the topo basemap tiles. All other viewers dependent on CDN sites went down and were http 500. Illustrating "in the cloud" is a double edged sword.

I recommend everyone in emergency management to always maintain a common operating picture web map viewer with the local API, server set to run all local with local SDE set up for disaster data and copy of all local relevant datasets. Ours continued to work perfectly. I was teaching a class on GIS today on AGOL; this was a teachable moment.  We got a chuckle however of the long "snack" though.