Adding Related Table to Existing Hosted Feature

08-18-2022 08:28 AM
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I used ArcCatalog to create a feature with two related tables, that I then uploaded to AGOL.

I now need to add a third related table.  Is there a way of doing that on the existing feature; or, would I need create it in ArcCatalog and upload it to AGOL again?

Hoping there's a way to add it to the existing feature, since it's currently in use, and would be a lot of work to change all the products using this feature (maps, apps, dashboards, Survey123 forms, etc.)

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Hi @JasonCyphers,

See this blog post for similar workflow on adding a table to an existing Feature Service and creating a relationship. 

You can publish the table on its own and then add the definition and data to an existing Feature Service.

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