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Adding GPS coordinates as features into Arc Online

2 weeks ago
New Contributor

Hi we use some older GPS units whose shapefile output are not compatible with ArcOnline

However, they do provide coordinates (LatLong etc) that we could theoretically add into ArcOnline maps as perhaps sketch/map notes points, if there is a function to input a location then be able to add a map note/sketch symbol on that location

There does not seem to be a way in Map viewer Classic to input your own coordinates at all unfortunately. On Map Viewer, you can input a location in Tools and can zoom to it; however when switching to Sketch to add a symbol the screen moves due to the sketch pane coming in and the locations no longer line up.

You can do this in GIS Pro, where the location can remain on the screen, however we ideally want our students to be able to do this from their own computers.


Thank you for the help

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You can search for the coordinates and with the popup for the result add it to a new sketch layer or existing one.



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What is the file format you can get from your GPS units? both new and classic map viewer have the ability to add data from a file. Unless I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do this seems like it would be a better approach than inputting coordinate pairs manually.



Esri Contributor

If you are interested in inputting coordinates manually, you can now do that using Tooltips. Check out this article to learn how: Map a Point by Coordinates Using Tooltips in Map Viewer.