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Upload Custom Widgets To ArcGIS Online

03-31-2017 07:50 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Currently, if we develop a custom widget using the Developer Edition of ArcGIS Web App Builder we have to go through this process to deploy the application with the widget inside it.  It would be great if we could just upload individual custom widgets to our ArcGIS Online like how you upload data.  These custom widgets are small folders that usually have a config file that could be used to configure the widget for any application that would access it in ArcGIS Online.


The OP makes a solid point. For instance, there are some apps, that for critical mission/disaster recovery reasons need to be hosted off premises (i.e. Damage Assessment), yet custom widgets for these applications are not available if hosted on AGOL. I understand the possible security concerns associated with uploading mystery widgets to AGOL, but the only other way around this would be to have an AWS server in place. Seems like an awful lot of added expense/maintenance just to use an extra widget or two. If security is the concern, maybe there could be a vetting/review process for developer edition widgets.

Thank you for your consideration.


Maybe the middle ground would be "Add Roberts Widgets" to AGOL Widget choices.....


Before Operations Dashboard became browser based, you could upload a custom widget to your AGOL organization and then include it into a dashboard. For those of use in the emergency response community, the bomb threat widget was quite popular.


This is an excellent idea! As an Esri business partner with a widget, I find that our customers are challenged with finding a place to deploy their applications that include our widget.

A related idea (not sure it's different enough to submit it separately or how feasible it is for that matter) is for Esri to write into Web AppBuilder a way for those who write widgets to host a widget on their own web infrastructure and provide a way for ArcGIS Online users to consume a widget as a service via the online Web AppBuilder.


We could really use this. Having to host our applications when it's just for one widget is quite cumbersome. An app configuration that would normally take a minute on AGOL become a half an hour job or more. Our end users also can't create their own apps with custom widgets because they don't have edit rights to our external server, and that's not even considering how our publishers would handle going through the process of hosting an app on our server.


I love this idea.  LOVE it.

Our organization must do all things via AGOL so we are limited to the functionality that exists there.  Our talented developers would love a chance to build extensions to more appropriately answer our specific clients needs.  Hosting this on AGOL would be the most ideal.  I understand the security concerns, however. 

That said, I wonder (as did Mr. Ostrander above) if a model similar to Apple's App Store could be created whereby you must register as a developer and the app/widget must be approved by Esri. 


Bingo.. Problem solved..


I asked ESRI about uploading custom widgets to AGOL a couple of years ago, and their firm answer was no. This is to "prevent injection of malware" into the AGOL environment.  We have portal for custom apps.

I heartily support the suggestion that Robert Scheitlin's marvelous tools be added to AGOL!   

Someone should create an idea for THAT and link it here. 

Kory Kramer, do you know anyone at ESRI who would like to comment on this idea?


Any updates on this from Esri?  Wondering what may be in the works post "Reviewed" status of this idea.  Please and thanks!