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Separate the AGOL and Hub Community login screens

05-12-2020 04:27 PM
Status: Open
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When an organization licenses Hub Premium and gets an additional portal for issuing Hub Community accounts to external users, the Hub Community sign in options are added to the existing screen that staff see. That creates a very confusing mix of options for both sets of users, and can lead to users in both orgs trying to sign in to or create accounts that they shouldn’t or can’t use. I propose instead that when Hub Community accounts are activated by an org, and a user accesses that Org’s content, that users first be asked how they want to sign in. For example: 

Dialog showing two options: sign in as Employee and sign in as Community Member

That will enable the actual sign-in screen to be much simpler, and relevant. For example, only people who can actually use Facebook or Google to sign in will see those options. The same is true for Enterprise login options.


If our organization enabled Facebook and Google sign in options for Hub Community members as we would like to, the sign-in screen used for both AGOL and Community accounts would appear as shown below. Unfortunately, we have decided that we cannot enable the Facebook and Google options because of the problems it would create. Issues with the current sign-in screen include:


  1. We do not allow staff to use Facebook or Google to sign in to AGOL. If they click the Facebook or Google option, it will auto-provision a Hub account, which Esri’s terms say they cannot use, resulting in extra work and cost for us.
  2. Staff/contractors who find our content and want to sign in see the “No account?” text which tells them to create a Hub Community account. But Esri’s terms of use stipulate that you cannot create Community accounts for staff or contractors (other than for administrative purposes).
  3. Community members see the STAFF enterprise login option even though it does not apply to them. Similarly, when we federate our Community accounts with a different provider, I am guessing that staff will unnecessarily see that option.

Dialog box showing Facebook, Google, Enterprise and ArcGIS login options

Another issue is that when someone creates a Hub Community account by using the email option and comes back to sign in, they have to know to choose the ArcGIS login option. But they have no idea what that is because the option they chose to create the account refers to it as a “Hub Community” account. Adding the screen proposed above would address that.


These issues are all in addition those related to Enterprise logins as addressed inImprove app sign-in experience (button naming & org-specific help)

Improve app sign-in experience (button naming & org-specific help)

Improve app sign-in experience (button naming & org-specific help)