Query across multiple Layers in AGOL Online

09-20-2016 11:18 AM
Status: Open
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It would be great to be able to run one query and have it run across all the layers that are in the map. We are trying to create a statewide road projects viewer, and have been asked to create the functionality to query by county, MPO, price, and congressional district. The query function works great, but it can not be setup to run across multiple layers. The group filter is one solution, but you cant run multiple filters at the same time the same way you can with queries.


Have you tried the Map Tools template?  It has a check box for "Search all sources" in the Search configuration.  I have not tried it, but I just saw it this morning when I was looking into using the template.


Hey Melissa-

Yes!  I tried that but from what i saw you arent able to treat it like a query in that you can't toggle it on and off and export the data to a CSV.



I love the new filters, both Filter and Group Filter widgets are good in their own right, but I agree with the OP, this key thing is missing - we need to filter multiple fields across multiple layers.

Ideally this would feel exactly like the current regular Filter widget , but tweaked to ALSO apply to multiple layers.

Thumb this up people..!



Does anyone know if this is possible somehow now that we are half way through 2020? Thanks!


You can configure the Search to use multiple layers and fields within them and geocoders, but you configure EACH ONE in the Search tool.  I have done it with address points, and three fields from our parcel layer as well as our local geocoding service for one of our apps.  I have much more data in that app but just did the basics.  You could add a few search tools to perhaps group your searches some, however that doesn't sound ideal either.  There is still no site-wide magic button.