Movable popup window in ArcGis Online

10-22-2012 04:35 PM
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The popup window in arcgis online cannot be moved.  It often pops up in a location that won't allow me to see the feature.  It would be useful to be able to move it out of the way.

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The beta's implementation, whilst only partial, is good but could it please go further?  

When you dock the popup and click on a clustered feature, you see a count that it contains multiple features but you have no way to expand or view them.  It's just a dead end.  

You can't dock the popup as a panel, it hovers over the map, obscuring it.

It loses any connection to the feature you clicked on in the first place.  

Could I please, as the map author, allow the popup to be as tall as necessary to fit all the fields?  If a layer has 3 fields, then shrink it, if it has 30 then expand it to be top to toe of the map.  Scrolling up and down a pop up on a mobile device is not fun.  


It needs to simply be moveable and resizable, like a window for anything in any other application. An option leader line that follows it by stretching would be nice, in order to demonstrate connection. But would be nice to decide whether or not to simply hide the leader. Maybe sometimes you wouldn't want it. Like on my site. 

It should have the standard resizer in the lower-right like most programs have for the window content, and an optional maximize.  The new implementation is helpful and is getting us there but I agree we need with Andrew and with Sean, in that it would be nice to see across the platform web webmaps, apps, etc.


Can you see screenshots in this? Screenshots below.

The popup does not move or resize. The Show Map Legend, Basemap Gallery, and all other widgets are movable and resizable. Movable popups with leader (line or other smart graphic) would be ideal.

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Yep, agree with the comments above.  The change in beta is an enhancement but would like a richer implementation.  Would be nice to be able to move anywhere, resize and toggle on and off leader lines.


That's some good detective work Jeff.  When you add the beta map to the beta Experience Builder does the same issue persist?

I've got a feeling the list, which is docked, is kind of replacing the pop-up.  Well, I see the potential that it could.  

Being able to dock the pop up like a panel would be great.  Having it inset from the map edge isn't fantastic for mine.  Or the List can replace Pop-ups for the most part.  


Docking is a nice option. I can see using that in some instances, like mobile, dashboards, etc. I think I would prefer moving resizable popups for most viewers still as I think they will be more intuitive behavior to casual end users. I will do split-testing though to confirm with user groups and report results.

Here is an example using Esri services, openLayers and jQuery from our neighboring county. So, it's not hard. Basically if the leader line CSS was easily customizable (I'd want to make it a little more visible for example) this would work perfectly. And then we just need resizing, which is simple and built into Dojo.   Click Identify and click the map to see it.

This would be a high-impact improvement. Users almost always ask how do I move the popup or how do I resize it. They used to try to move it before I customized it in WAB which resulted in turning the whole screen blue. Folks would literally think they broke it and simply close it and give up or would call me and ask what happened. Things like moving resizable popups, locators with units that support suggestions, and grouping layers in the layer list etc are high-impact as they are user-facing.


Hi John, I don't see any screenshots?  I like your symbology in your map viewer by the way!


I created an example for a moving popup in API 4x 


Agreed! This would be super helpful!


Voted up!

Product: ArcGIS Online Webmaps

Idea: We desire standard built-in functionality for the pop-up attribute box to be moved, resized, or docked by the end-user on all popular web browsers.  No additional programming or back-end trickery should be required by the map producer to allow this functionality for the end-user.