LOOK AT ME!!! PRO: Quick Filter Layer by SymbolClass

01-17-2020 07:29 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Here's what I believe might be an EASY enhancement that would provide a bang-for-buck value by greatly improving ease-of-use and adoption.

  • In ANY ArcGIS product with a Table of Contents, give users the overwhelmingly popular option to rapidly filter a layer with a simple click of the Layer's symbol classes.
    • Doing so could apply a standard filter that could be further modified using the current layer filtering functionality.  I'm targeting ArcGIS Pro in the title, but this capability should be introduced across all platform variants, IMHO.
    • This functionality could work on grouped layers in the same way.
    • The TOC can give a visual indication of the filtered state by graying out (for example) non-visible classes.

Thank you for submitting this Angelo Taylor

It sounds like, at least in the desktop/ArcGIS Pro space, this is what is being requested in Toggle visibility for individual Categories on Symbology tab‌.  I wanted to at least get that mentioned over here on the idea you just submitted, since there is already some traction there.




Thanks, Kory.  I'll take a look at those links you've provided.