Enhance the Add Data widget to allow upload of raster data

04-26-2018 06:37 AM
Status: Implemented
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Everyone, I think it will be great to see the Add Data widget (or similar ones) finally enhanced to allow user upload of raster data (maybe up to a certain size limit of course). Currently, this widget only allows upload of shapefile, csv, txt, and GPX. However, many of our users have been asking about the possibility to add their own raster data as well to the web application. Especially with Google Earth Engine becoming more and more popular allowing users to upload their own raster data, I think it is time for ESRI to enhance this aspect and add support for raster data added at runtime. Please vote up if you like this idea!

by Anonymous User

Can you help us understand if you're talking about adding imagery data into ArcGIS Earth or if you literally mean uploading content to Online?  Earth already allows viewing of local imagery content.  I believe the Online team is working on a strategy to allow upload of imagery. 


Hello Chris, 

I am not talking about ArcGIS Earth, but rather ArcGIS Online/Portal. I was not aware that the ESRI dev team was already in the process of working this new addition out. I think it would definitely be of great benefit to all users to be able to add raster data (with some constraints maybe on size and extent) to a web map. In my specific case, I am using the Add Data widget within Web AppBuilder and currently only see the usual shapefile (zipped), GPX, CSV, etc. A lot of our web app users are asking to add the upload raster functionality to the Add Data widget.

by Anonymous User

This idea has been implemented with the introduction of ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online at the June 2021 ArcGIS Online update. For more ArcGIS Image for ArcGIS Online demonstrations and resources, please see the this blog post. Thank you for submitting this idea, and please let us know your feedback. 

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Thank you @Anonymous User that's awesome!! ArcGIS Image looks great, and with flexible use case scenarios - nice work to all on the team.