allow users from two or more Orgs to edit a webmap

03-11-2019 04:07 PM
Status: Implemented
by Anonymous User
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If you create a web map, in your own Organization, a user from another Organization can not edit the web map. This is after it is shared to them via a Group. There is no way to collaborate with users from other Organizations, for example if you are at an agency with an Org, and want have faculty at a University edit and be able to update the web map, using their username associated with their university Org.  I shared via a Group and was able to add them, but the Save is greyed out for them. If this is useful to you feel free to vote for it. Esri TS was able to reproduce and confirm this limitation. Enhancement has been logged:  ENH-000120697 "Provide the capability to perform changes in web maps shared in a group with members from different organizations."


This idea would be instrumental in collaboration between a contractor and an organization that's GIS savvy. It would especially make the transfer of data from one organization to another a streamlined process.

Say I am contractor A, who made a story map for client B. Well, right now I need to pass on detailed instructions for client B to follow to set up the same thing I made but stored with their credits. This would enable contract cartography as a business model without putting undue burden on the cartographer after the product was made, a simple transfer that would allow the cartographer to work and update any problems with the webmap on the client's storage credits while they pay for their own license.

by Anonymous User

Hi @Anonymous User - cross-organization shared update groups are now possible with Partnered Collaboration. Please let us know your feedback on how this is working for your Organization.