Add Related/Maintenance Record to All Selected Features

06-08-2020 01:46 PM
Status: Open
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I would like to be able to select multiple features and add a related record to each.

For example:

1.  Public Works crew goes out and flush all the city hydrants.  It would be nice to select all the hydrants and apply the same service (related record) to each hydrant.  When there are 1500 hydrants, this would take a week currently to add a related record to each hydrant, individually.

2.  Public Works crew sweeps all the streets.  Again, it would be nice to do the same as in #1, above.

3.  Public Works crew jets 10 storm sewers.  Again, it would be nice to do the same as in #1, above.

4.  All streets get striped.  Again, it would be nice to do the same as in #1, above.

5.  Many streets get reconstructed each year.  Again, it would be nice to the same as in #1, above.

There are so many examples that we in a City or Public Works environment, where this action isn't possible through any widget in AGOL and it makes entering services/maintenance records a real headache.


Do you use subtypes? That might be a way to help do this. 



Can you please expand on that, as I am not grasping how this would help my use case/workflow?


Is there any way this question could be pushed up?

I am struggling with the same issue - we have many-to-many relationship class between maintained areas and table linking a maintenance contract to each area. As we updated our contracts, it seems like I can only use 'Add Selected to Relationship' from Attributes, meaning having to click through and add a related record to each area one-by-one, which is time consuming. 

Any ideas on how to do it? Perhaps it can be done in Python, but I haven't managed to solve it.



Vote it up...


I did of course, but there was still no solution within a month. I just wanted to highlight, that you're not the only one struggling with this issue. 


Here to add that we are also needing this workflow -- trying to select several street medians at the same time to schedule them for maintenance (related table). The Smart Editor widget is the only one that seems to allow for editing related tables but does not support selecting multiple features at once. As Kelly has already said, selecting only one at a time would take ages and is not a viable workflow. Hoping to see greater support for related tables in the future, especially this.


I created a process that creates related table entries, but it is clunky.  It involves a script, mxd, matching schemas and an auto task. It leverages the multiple entry tool in Collector.  It was created to help a small number of field users (maybe 6 specific users that I have worked with closely) enter data more efficiently. Consider this a duct tape and binding wire solution.  Having an out of the box solution would be much better. 


Thank you for posting this idea. We are currently working on allowing to batch create related records when creating new features. The option to create related records on existing features is also under consideration for a future update. We will let you know when this is made available.


Hi, I just wanted to follow up on the status of this request. After consideration, this enhancement is not planned to be included in a current Web AppBuilder widget, but will rather be considered for Experience Builder.


Thank you Alix for the follow up! Looking forward to it.