Ability to Add Individual Captions to Pop-up Galleries with Multiple Attachments

12-08-2023 02:06 PM
Status: Open
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When a feature has multiple attachments, the only option is to list of the files or show a gallery of pictures.

Often times with a gallery of photos, a caption is necessary for each image for the viewer to understand what they are looking at. 

In a case I'm facing now, I have 3 images of vehicle turning counts for each peak hour (AM, MID, PM). But without the ability to add captions to each one individually, it is not clear which one reflects AM data vs MID vs PM data. 


An alternative solution to adding a functionality to add captions to each individual attachment could be to allow creators to select a single photo to show at a time, instead of showing all attachments. In this way, we can add one attachment and add a title, then click add content, and add another attachment with another title and repeat the process.





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Yes this is what I need too!

I have multiple field bearing & distance measurement attributes that belong to multiple attached photos that I want to use as caption for the photo displayed in the popup dialog.

I can use a arcade expression to create the caption I want for the attached photo ...     


But how use bring in the corresponding image and display them together?