Map Viewer Roadmap

11-18-2019 04:49 PM

Map Viewer Roadmap

This is the current Map Viewer Roadmap.


Great things is coming..

how about OD's multible monitors like desktop was?

Kelly Gerrow When will ERSI pull the plug on the existing Map Viewer and cut over to the newer version?

Hi Paul,

I don't think there is a plug for the cloud...

Eventually, Map Viewer Beta will replace Map Viewer classic when all of the functionality in map viewer classic is available outside of map viewer classic. We expect this to be sometime in the next year or two, but don't have a specific date in mind. There will be a time where both Map Viewer Beta and Map Viewer Classic will have the status of General Availability, where they are both accessible. When this happens, we will have a clear timeline about the transition to Map Viewer Beta only.

Let us know if you have questions.


Will sublayers from multiple different dynamic map services ('map image' layers) be able to be grouped? Map Image layers will be continue to be used for several years by federal agencies and other organizations that plan and update slowly and methodically.

Is there a more definitive date as to when the 2nd part of the road map will be implemented? Really looking forward to grouping layers together and wondering when that can be expected? 

I want to display a statewide map of Census Tract boundaries. Is it possible to select multiple Tracts in MapViewer Beta? I am interested in leveraging ARCADE to get a pop-up of summation information in the selected areas.

HI Sam,

The road map has been updated to be more specific about some of the upcoming functionality. We are targeting layer grouping to be available around the UC timeframe, currently. Keep checking in to see how the roadmap updates as more functionality is added.

Thank you Kelly. Will map image sublayers have grouping and reordering?

Are we able to create map notes currently or is that also in the works later this year?

The clustering feature is really nice. I just wish it would produce consistent results.

Hi Kelly Gerrow, I was wondering if support for downloading offline areas that have grouped layers will be added in the near future?

Is there a Scene Viewer (JavaScript 4x) counterpart on the way?

The Scene Viewer is already on 4.x so no planned changes coming soon.

I used the new group layers function in the BETA map viewer. I love it. However when I went to create a webapp, the groups separated back into separate layers.

Do you know when the Webapp builder will support the group layer function?


I would like to be able to edit symbols to customize them the way we can do it in ArcMap and Pro, instead of just being stuck with the defaults that are provided.  Pretty Please. 

Map View BETA is heading in the right direction. But almost unusable because of the following:

1) No support for Web Services such as WMTS

2) Control over labels, (no control of duplicates) as map is zoomed in a single centerline is labeled exponentially resulting in 20 duplicate labels in a 100' span.

3) Layer list doesn't have the option to display the feature symbol in the list, requiring a separate legend.

Are these issues being addressed?

Thanks in advance,


I agree with Mike, especially missing OGC layer support and the ability see the feature symbol in the list. The roadmap hasn´t been updated for more than year, is there any other place to see what to expect in the nearest future (or a year)? 

Best regards


Same question here: when will it be possible to use web services in the Map viewer BETA, we are really waiting for it?




What about support for Web App Builder?  There is functionality in Web App Builder that we use that is not included with the web viewer that we rely on.

How about a full suite of styling Akin to whats on offer in Pro.

The old map viewer had "Apply Filter and Zoom to", the "Zoom to" is very useful. Will this return in the new map viewer?

Hello all,

I was curious if token based authentication is supported in the new map viewer?  We have a web map with serval layers that are secured with token base authentication.  We noticed with the switch in map viewers that all of the token secured services are requesting sign in credentials.  If we open the same map in the classic viewer the map loads fine with no sign in required.  I was curious if tokens weren't supported any longer with the new viewer.


Thank you,


Road Map Image (PNG) is broken. The new web map is linking this thread on the community. 


Also there are some major security loopholes in the attribute table that really should be looked into

@KellyGerrow maybe answered (if so please apologize), the old map viewer has the very classic workflow of: "select record in table, highlight/center the same object in the map". Seems not to be supported, is it planned to be supported? 



Will we ever be able to add custom symbols in the new Map Viewer? Very limited symbol library at the moment and can't get the look and feel we are after.


@KellyGerrow @ChrisWhitmore On behalf of questions from users within my organization, I too am interested in @Pål_Herman_Sund 's question re: Zoom-to record from the attribute table. Very useful functionality and I didn't quite see it called out on the roadmap above. I'm going to assume that it will be included at some point given the push to replace all functionality - but I'm hoping to report back with a more detailed response.

Is there anything you can share on this?

Hi @DerekLutchko @Pål_Herman_Sund, yes! Zoom-to the selected record is planned for the new map viewer (as well as other attribute table functionality from map viewer classic).  Not sure yet which release will include it but should not be too far off. For the roadmap, as some of the larger enhancements and functionality are implemented off the roadmap we'll be adding finer (but still important) details like this.



HTML popup would be great as a feed from external data to a URL saved in the table associated with the data. it worked great in desktop as a URL for things like last 7 days weather data.


And suddenly the Analyze button in Map Viewer Classic disappeared. I was working with service areas last week and today the button has gone.

Can anyone tell me why?


IS there any way to export the Map Viewer APP as/to a Basemap for use in other applications such as Survey123

Is there a chance to get symbology based on two fields independently on their type? See also my comment on this blog:

@KellyGerrow, @CanserinaKurnia 


It would be really helpful if ESRI could publish a comprehensive list of the functionality that is planned to be included in the New Map Viewer instead of leaving everyone guessing.  In the related blog post here it talks about "functional parity" of the New Map Viewer with the Classic Map Viewer, but does this really mean that all existing features in the Classic Viewer will be present in the new version, or might some get dropped?  A detailed list of functionality, with an estimated timeline would really help.

Im interested in the support for WMS (listed in the Roadmap for Fall/Winter 2021).  Will sublayers be supported as with the Classic Viewer, where individual sublayers can be turned on/off, and popups configured?  And will there continue to be support for sublayer configuration via the JS API?



HI @KellyGerrow  - here's another interesting / puzzling item going on in the Map Viewer:

If layers (say hosted feature layers) participate in a new Map Viewer layer group, from the Web Map overview page the link to the the layer goes back to the hosting server site rest endpoint, as opposed to the portal item description of the layer (i.e the Overview page for the layer).

For layers that are not grouped, the link to the layer from the web map overview page does go back to the layers' portal Overview page. 

This is in both Online and Enterprise 10.9 beta map viewer. 

Its a little disconcerting for those of us that suppress our hosting server sites' rest page.



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