Interactive Legend Idea

06-14-2019 11:34 AM

Interactive Legend Idea

Hello fellow GIS nerds! So I created this "Legend" concept using the Filter widget. (I gave the widget a different thumbnail image.) Our users like having this concept as a legend, because ...

  • Each item has a convenient on/off switch.
    • Unlike the "Layers" widget, you see the legend symbol without having to expand the layer. And it's nice and clean.
  • Expanding the layer allows the user query what features to see.
    • When you turn the switch on, the map zooms to whatever features are returned for that layer's query settings.
  • In order to make the on/off switch work the way we like, I have to "trick" the widget by putting a filter on the source layer in the source web map that filters out all records (e.g. OBJECTID = -1) ... Then I tell the Filter widget to override the layer's web map filter, whenever the layer is switched on.
    • It would be really cool to have a widget that allows users to set up their legends this way, but without having to use that trick.

The map in the above image is password-protected, so I won't link it here. But here is another (publicly-accessible) example of using the Filter widget as a legend:

Very curious to hear people's thoughts about this.

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