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Your Ideas in Map Viewer Beta: Part Two

07-10-2020 04:57 PM
by Anonymous User
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In the months since Map Viewer Beta's initial release in November 2019, there have been a number of ArcGIS Ideas implemented in several of the subsequent updates. This post covers the implemented and partially implemented ideas in Map Viewer Beta from the second update through the July release. Thanks to those that submitted ideas, and as usual please let me know any feedback or questions in the comments below. 

February Update

Add support for ArcGIS Online stacked labels 

Support Multi-Line Labels Using Arcade in AGOL 

Scale-based symbology and labeling in AGOL 

Set Halo Color via Arcade Expressions 

Scale dependency Labels within an individual layer! 

February update resources:

gif showing new lines with Arcade

                                           GIF: Creating multi-line labels using Arcade

April Update

Projections in ArcGIS Online 

User Selectable Coordinate Systems in AGX Online 


Reference scale in JavaScript API 

April update resources:

July Update

Group layers for ArcGIS online 

Web Maps - labelling count of clustered features 

Generate different label styles/colors based on different attribute value in ArcGIS Online. 

July update ArcGIS Blog posts:

demonstrating group layers in map viewer beta

                                             GIF: Grouping layers in the Table of Contents


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer Beta GeoNet space to ask questions and provide feedback. Don't hesitate to drop any feedback or comments below as well. Thanks again for the valuable feedback submitted to ArcGIS Ideas‌, and please keep letting us know what you want to see in the future.