Run ArcGIS Notebook on Button Click

09-23-2021 10:14 AM
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I have an ArcGIS Notebook that synthesizes data from several layers and outputs the data as an Excel file. To run the Notebook, I navigate to the Notebooks tab on AGO and run all cells.

The customer that we've created the Notebook for would like to be able to run all cells by simply clicking a button within a Dashboard that we've designed.

This leaves me with two questions, the first is how would I allow a Notebook to run on click. I've created Tasks to run Notebooks weekly and monthly, but the customer's request is to run it on demand by a simple button click.

The second item that I'll need to tackle (and I'm happy to post this elsewhere) is how I'll be able to integrate this functionality into a Dashboard.

I've seen that Dashboards now allow data to be downloaded from the widgets themselves, but that doesn't fully get to my need since additional processing needs to be done within the ArcGIS Notebook.


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Currently, there isn't a way to run a notebook on-demand in ArcGIS Online. The minimum schedule interval we offer is to run every 15 minutes, but that might not fit the workflow described. We are considering on-demand implementations for the future. Keep an eye out!



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Hey pmccord,

for your first question, I had a similar problem and I solved it with the following flow:

1) I exported the Notebook to python

2) In SQL Server, I created a  SQL Server Agent job to run my script

3) In SQL Server, I created a Stored Procedures to trigger the SQL Agent job created @ previous step

3) In MS Power Automate I created a flow to manually trigger the stored procedures created @ previous step

4) have the end users install the Power Automate App on their phone and push the button to reset their data any time they need to.

if this is something that could work for you, I would be more than happy to share the flow in details with screenshots.

Good luck!


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Thanks Dominic, this looks like a really nice work around. I met with the client I've developed the script for recently and they're fine with simply running the script from ArcGIS Notebook, but I imagine they will want greater flexibility in the future.

I'll plan to set up a similar workflow as you've presented and will let you know if I need any assistance. Thanks again!

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