outside_org null return Notebook server

09-22-2021 12:51 PM
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We have a base deployment implementation with a notebook server

we are trying to train notebook to seek for pools in aerial photos. When we run "pool_bb=my_gis.content.search ("SwimmingPoolLabels", item_type='Feature Layer Collection', outside_org=True) pool_bb" using an anonymous user, we have a response as you can see

pool in.PNG

But when we use an enterprise user we do not have any response. we think this have something to do with outside_org but when we checked on firewall and with IT we did not found any error blocking services or outside_org but return is empty every time we tried, (i am using admin user that is why the red part from the photo)


what can be wrong with my organization? is there anything i need to check from by enterprise?




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Hi Diego,

When you sign in to a GIS with GIS(), you sign into arcgis.com as an anonymous user. What URL are you using when you use GIS() with your enterprise user? I suspect if you were to use GIS({enterpriseURL}) you would get back an empty search as the outside_org only applies to your current environment, which is not necessarily AGOL inclusive.

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