ArcGIS Notebook Server - Runtime Issue

11-30-2022 11:41 AM
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This is the environment.

Hypervisor used.

Notebook Server.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 8 Update 4, ArcGIS Notebook Server 10.9.1, VM created on Hyper-V, 4 cores and 16 GB RAM, /root 200 GB, its a federated environment using AGE 10.9.1 and use a CA AD certificate.

Docker image: ArcGIS Notebook Docker Standard 10.9.1

ArcGIS Enterprise.
The AGE servers are using Windows Server 2019 Standard.
It is a distributed environment in several servers, we have Web Adaptor in IIS (8 GB RAM, 4 cores), one for ArcGIS Portal (14 GB RAM, 4 cores), another one for ArcGIS Server (24 GB RAM, 4 cores) as well as for the Data Store (12 GB RAM, 4 cores). They are also virtualized in Hyper-V its a federated environment using AGE 10.9.1

Issue: Using the ArcGIS elements in Notebook Server causes the kernel crash.
Error: The kernel appears to have died. It will restart automatically.







Docker looks fine, and the install process was done without issues.

In terms of testing here is what was done before it was escalated to Esri Inc:
○ Delete the server and creates a new one.
○ Uninstall docker, and reinstall.
○ Uninstall ArcGIS Notebook Server and reinstall.
○ Changes the authorization code.
○ Changes the folder privileges.

Any idea of how to resolve this situation?


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Hello @lvargas , will try to understand the configuration and the issue so if you could answer the following would be helpful.

  1. Is that right, that Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server VM is created on Windows server (via Hyper V)?. And here on Linux you have installed ArcGIS Notebook Server?
  2. Are you using the WA IIS for ArcGIS Notebook Server too?
  3. In deploying AGE you have mentioned “The AGE servers are using Windows Server 2019 Standard.” . Could you please explain the last line “They are also virtualized in Hyper-V….”, for which components Hyper V is used?
  4. Could you share the ArcGIS Notebook Server logs, after setting the log level to “Debug” and reproducing the scenario?
  5. Also, did you try increasing the websocket size in the system property of the Administrative API of ArcGIS Notebook Server?
  6. Please share the hardware configuration of the machine from Administrative API : Home  > Machines  > [FQDN/machine]  > hardware
  7. Can you create another administrative user and try signing and reproducing the issue?
  8. Is the issue being reproduced only when the first cell is run or there are other scenarios too?



Shikhar Deep

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