Unclustered VRP routes (irregular)

01-09-2023 10:36 PM
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I want to ask about the best solution for my VRP route breakdown.

The problem I'm having right now is creating a route on the web not grouping properly whereas when I download the route plan layer of the day and then I finalize it in arcgis it's grouping correctly.

The problem that occurs in this problem is:
- the number of orders reached more than 200 in one day with 13 own vehicles
- Completion of vrp in web develop companies is different if it is completed using arcgis where the parameters used are not much different
- if using zone routes for existing vehicles (13 vehicles), many orders are not filled
- vehicles with a large capacity do not cover very far areas, while small vehicles make 2 or even 3 trips back and forth to the depot (this is undesirable, because preferably all vehicles only make one trip)
- if there are many orders, the resulting route tends to be irregular. A temporary solution to create the best route is to extend the depot's opening hours or limit the number of orders on that day

Expected solution:
- well made route clusters
- the vehicle only runs once

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I am having a hard time understanding your question. Could you provide some more details about what you are doing and the problem you are trying to solve? 

Things that would be helpful:

- What tool are you using when routing on the web?

- What are you switching to when you download the route plan? I don't understand how you are finalizing the plan.

- Are you using the Vehicle Routing Problem layerPlan RoutesVRP Rest API or some other tool?

- Are the vehicles only allowed to go to orders in the route zones? Or is that just a preferred territory?

- Do you have route renewals set up for the problem?


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