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Solving a Routing Problem

05-07-2024 06:13 AM
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I have 2 questions:

1. We are tying to create a three route solution for about 70 clients. We have the addresses geocoded. After we create a street network, do the address points need to be at the parcel address or at the location of pick up? For example, some clients live in apartment complexes that have specific pick up points for passengers. This is not always the main entrance. 


2. This question is about the street network for routing. Do we want to have the streets as segments or as continuous features? So would it be better to have a continuous street all the way though town or have the street segment stop at each intersection? 

We have ArcGIS Pro 3.2.2 Advanced with Network Analyst

Thanks for your help!


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Esri Regular Contributor

For 1: The locations where you want to route to should be at the point of pickup/drop off. Having a roof top location or a parcel centroid may have that location snap to a wrong location for routing purposes.

For 2: Can you use an existing street network? For example, you can use the ArcGIS Online routing service via ArcGIS Pro and pay credits for doing the routes. It uses the Streetmap Premium road network and has all the impedance/restrictions built in with convenient to use Travel modes for what you may need to drive.

But to answer your question about continuous segments or have them broken up at intersections is a choice you have to make as both are supported via the AnyVertex or EndPoint connectivity options of a network dataset. If they are continuous, you have to make sure to create vertices where other streets will cross or join. This can be done with the Integrate tool. End point style street segments are a bit easier to manage and maintain.

Jay Sandhu