Republishing Network Analysis service -Routing service.

05-13-2022 10:26 AM
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I have published a routing service on my server and I have some updates in the Network Dataset, so I want to overwrite my NA service so that I don't mess up my apps where I have already configured this service.

Do i just overwrite the map service i published initially  in order to update my associated NA service or is there any other better way to do it.

Any inputs are highly appreciated.

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After you have made updates to the network dataset, You can overwrite the NAService. If you have initially published your NAService from ArcGIS Pro, it allows the option to overwrite an existing service. More information on overwriting an existing service can be found in this help topic

Do note that in order to make updates to your network dataset, you will need to stop the service since the NAService will put a lock on the network dataset when it is running. Since your service will be stopped while you are making updates to the network dataset, this will affect the apps that rely on this service. So to minimize the downtime, you can also follow an alternative workflow.

  • Make a copy of the network dataset used by the service.
  • Make edits to the copy
  • When are you done making all the edits, stop the NAService, replace the network dataset used by the NAService with the new copy (ensuring the name of the workspace containing the network dataset is the same as before) and then start the NAService.

The above workflow is applicable only when you are using a file geodatabase to store your network dataset and if the edits you are making to the network dataset is not changing the schema of your network dataset (such as you are not adding a new cost attribute). 

In case you are using enterprise geodatabase to store your network dataset, there are a few other options available. But I am not sure if this applies to your workflow. 

Hope this helps


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