O-D Cost Matrix: Origin and Destination locations not found when using StreetMap Premium

02-20-2023 10:15 AM
New Contributor

I'm trying to run an O-D Cost Matrix on ArcGIS Pro 3.0.4 using StreetMap Premium and the NorthAmerica.gdp-->Routing-->Routing_ND network data source but it's failing to find any locations when I import the Origins and Destinations. Even though the points in the tables that I'm using as the basis for my Origins and Destinations show up perfectly in the baseline map, it always returns a "0 features located out of XXXX" error message when I try to import them into the OD Cost Matrix. However, it does work fine when I use the online network data source (arcgis.com) instead of the local Routing_ND one, although obviously I'm limited to 1K at a time. My job has 43K Origins and 5K Destinations, so I'd really prefer to do this locally in a single analysis as planned instead of in 43 online chunks.

So this really seems related to something inherent in the Routing_ND method. Is there something I'm missing or need to do that will make the local method find the locations like the online method?

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