Newtwork Dataset's Turn Issue

02-07-2024 04:26 PM
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Hi Guys, 

I have built network dataset but when I use symbology for it, Turns are showing as errors when I use restricted status. Don't know why this is happening. I did check all geometries and restriction under the properties of network dataset. Can someone help me?



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Esri Regular Contributor

Did you get build errors when you built the network dataset?  There are a lot of turn-related checks the build process does, and it will report out specific errors.

If you need to check your build errors, open the Build Network tool to build the network dataset.  You likely need to rebuild the whole thing so it will look at all the turns, so check on the option to do a full rebuild.  When the tool completes, if there is a warning message, check the message text for the path to the build error text file.  Open the text file and check the build errors to see if it has flagged anything with your turns.

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