Location Allocation

05-12-2022 02:07 AM
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When i run the location allocation, and input the facilities and demand point. 
Suddenly the red question mark appear in every point for facilities and demand point.
Also my location allocation can not run.
anyone can help me?
thank you

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Esri Regular Contributor

The red question mark means the locations are not located on a network edge. If you expand the Facilities layer symbology in the Table of Contents, you will see this information shown.

There can be many reasons for the facilities and demand to be not located, primarily issue with the network dataset being used. Is it built? Or was it re-built after the location-allocation layer was created? Can you try running a simple two point route? You can in the Network Analyst window, right-click on the Facilities and choose Recalculate Location Fields to see if that will fix the issue. Same for the demand points.

Jay Sandhu

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