Intersections in Network Datasets

02-26-2024 02:41 AM
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I have created the ND and I tried using the Routing Analysis.   The Green color is the Output Route while the orange in the ND source.

I cant figure out what attribute or ND property should I look into.



Thank you.

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What kind of attributes do you have in your ND? Since not everyone has the same data. Then, could you clarify your travel attributes? Recheck Cost and Restriction. Normally, to trace the "error" you can manually qc with cost and restriction information. 

If ND attributes not the issue probably either in the Cost or Restriction rule. 

Hope, it helps you


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Hi @ReginaldoPaderon2 ,

This looks like it might be related to ND connectivity. Use can use the Explore Network tool in Pro to look at the connectivity of the edges in that intersection area. When selecting an edge with Explore Network, all connected edges should be highlighted in a bluish-purple color. Make sure that all roads you expect to be connected are highlighted like that. The Connectivity tab will also list all of the connected elements.


There could also be some attribution issues, like maybe oneways aren't attributed correctly? (I've definitely done that a few time [or more]). Use the Travel Attributes data grid to check things like oneway attribution or cost values.


I'm probably biased, being that I'm on the Network Analyst team, but I think Explore Network is pretty darn handy for things like this.


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