Erratic behaviour when trying to load a lyr file

01-19-2023 01:49 AM
New Contributor

There seems to be an erratic behaviour when trying to load a lyr file. we get the following random errors;

  • The selected file is not valid. Invalid argument.
  • Cannot be used to create a layer. Layer's data source is inaccessible.

Sometimes it works ok, but in the majority of cases we are forced to use arcmap


The layers are network analysis layers and we reckon  that the issue has to do with the network dataset source.

Unlike arcmap we cannot click to select network dataset source


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello.  Could you please provide more specific information about the errors you're getting?  Your workflow is not quite clear to me from this description.  Please also tell us what version of ArcGIS Pro you're using.

(You might also consider calling Esri Support.  This sounds like the type of trouble that may be best addressed by having someone walk through the process with you.)

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